MileSplit Live Field App

Get started with the new MileSplit Live Field WebApp.  

MS Live Field is available and free to use!  Use the instructions below to get started. 
**Note - You should always use a paper copy of field results as a backup**

MS Live start-up instructions:

1. Update MileSplit Live to version 1.0.86 or later

The newest version of MileSplit live includes the capability to send entries to the field app, as well as create LFF files of the results for scoring with your meet management software

2. Select a new meet in MileSplit Live, and select MileSplit Live Field from the dropdown.  

After selecting, you will browse the folder where the .LFF files should be saved.  This should match the "FieldLynx" interface folder from your meet management software.
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3. Start Publishing. If you are using your own devices, skip to the next section.

ALTERNATE Method: If a field official is providing their own scoring device, follow steps 4-5:

4. Click on "Create Field App Access Code" in the Quick Links section

5. Click the "Generate" button to create a new QR Code for access to the field app.  You can also click on the "Show Link" text to copy/paste the full URL.  You can add or remove access to other devices by creating or removing access codes.

Field App start-up instructions:

1. On any device connected to the internet with a modern browser, navigate to  

If this is a new meet, you should start by clearing any previous data with the button at the top. As the event timer, you have full control over access to the field app for your meet.  You will enter your login information to load your timing schedule into the field app.

2. Select your meet, then select the appropriate event

All events that are categorized as field events will show in the list

ALTERNATE METHOD: If you are using access codes, simply scan the QR Code or navigate to the url from above and you should automatically be redirected to the events page if you are successful.

Horizontal event instructions:

On the setup screen, select the appropriate scoring settings for your event. Currently only Finals and Prelims/Finals formats are supported.
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Vertical event instructions:

Enter the appropriate measurement type and bar heights.  Save time by using the batch add option.  Pick a starting height, increment, and ending height to create all of the bar heights in range.  Multiple batches can be added at any time. Select the number of "Alive" athletes to be active at one time.
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1. Go to Check In.  Select the appropriate round and flight.  

Athletes are checked in by default (green).  They can be toggled to out (red) or unknown (grey).  In prelim/finals events, athletes won't show in the final until after the final is created.  They will all be checked in by default.
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Functionally, out and unknown status is treated the same by the app.
*Note - The ability to make substitions and additions is not available yet.  Coming soon!

3. Go to Scoring

The scoring process should follow the expected order as set by the scoring software, with indicators for "UP", "ON DECK", "ON HOLD".
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Metric: Use this format: xx.xx (the period is optional, provided that two digits past the decimal are entered).  Click the button to submit or press the "Enter" key. (2785 is 27.85)

English: Enter feet first.  The "-" key automatically moves focus to the inches input. The period key is optional if two digits past the decimal are entered.  (950 is 9.50)

 - FOUL: 
            -Horizontal: Enters an "F" for the current attempt.  The current attempt is completed
            - Vertical: Enters an "X" for the current attempt.  After three consecutive fouls, the athlete is removed from the competition
  - PASS: Enters a "P" for the current attempt.  The current attempt is completed. 
  - SKIP: Moves the athlete to the end of the line.  The current attempt is unaffected.
  - MAKE (vertical only): Enters an "O" for the current attempt.  The height is submitted as successful and the athlete moves to the next height.

4. Create Final (if needed)

Click create once preliminary results are done.  This can be redone at anytime if changes need to be made to the competitors or event settings

5. Submit Results

Once the competition is completed, click submit results to confirm that all results have reached MS Live.  If a success message is received, you should verify that the timer is able to successfully create an LFF and then close out the event. 

Create LFF

1. Once the event has successfully sent final results, select the events tab in MS Live. 

You will see a "Load" button next to each event.  Click the appropriate button to create an LFF file for that event in the field event folder.
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2.  Pull results into meet management software.

You should be able to pull final results into Hytek or MeetPro for scoring.  Use the FieldLynx setup instructions for Hytek or MeetPro to look for the created LFFs in the folder you selected in the MS Live Setup Instructions Step 2 above.  Then click "Get Marks" or "Get Event Results" to load the LFF results into your database.


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