Meet Manager: Setup

*This article is intended to walk you through the "setup" page within the meet manager interface. For a general overview of the meet manager functionality, visit this page:*

The setup page allows you to edit basic information, such as; meet name, timer, host school, meet manager contact info, open and close registration dates and times, meet info that pertinent to attendees, and more. Once in the meet manager functionality, the "setup" page is the first page you will land on. 

Basic Properties
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Under "Basic Properties" you can designate the name of the meet, the start/end date of when the meet will take place, the relevant season, the venue the meet will take place at, the host team (note: coaches from the host team will have access to meet manager), and a URL to your meet's website if there is one.

Meet Timer Info/Meet Manager Contact
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Here you can add timer information and contact information for the main point of contact regarding the meet.
- If the timer is already in our system, they will populate in a selectable dropdown as you begin typing (Note: if the timer of your meet does not show up In the drop down menu, contact us at to have their timing company officially added)
-Clicking the "Locked by Timer" checkbox, will prevent anyone other than the MileSplit recognized timer from altering settings pertaining to divisions and events.

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Here you have the ability to set limits on who are allowed to register and when registration opens and closes.
- If you would like your meet to be an invite only meet, you can enter a password of your choice in the "Password Required to Register" text field. This will prevent anyone who does not have the password from registering for the meet.
- You also have the ability to allow or restrict the addition of "B" and/or "C" teams. B and C teams are Intended to allow larger schools the ability to bring more athletes to the meet than otherwise would be able to compete. These teams will be registered under the same team name but charged entry fees as if a separate team. 
- By default, the registration open date is set to three months before the meet start date. The close date defaults to three days prior to the meet start date.
- Lastly, you can designate what level programs are permitted to attend as well as what types of teams (Schools/Clubs) and if individual/unattached athletes can register.
-If your meet has a restriction on how many events an athlete can compete in, you can now set a maximum number of events per athlete.
Impact on Registration

If a coach attempts to register an athlete for more than the max events allowed, they will receive a prompt stating "This athlete cannot be added to any more event in this meet. They are currently registered in x# of event(s). To add, they must be unregistered from 1 other event(s) first."

Payment Options
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The text fields regarding fees should only be filled out if your meet has multiple divisions. If your meet only has a single division, payment settings are entirely dictated within the "Divisions" tab.

Meet Info
Here is where you can add all relevant information for the meet that should be visible to the attendees of the meet.
By clicking the paper clip icon as pointed out in the image below, you can imbed files you wish to attach to the meet info. Make sure to click the "Save Changes" button afterwards.
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 7.16.50 PM.png 33.5 KB

Cloning Registration From a Previous Year
Use MileSplit Meet Registration last year and plan to use us again this year? Save time by copying over the meet from last year and automatically carry over meet settings such as divisions & events. Note that this is intended to only be used on the same meet from year-to-year.

Select the date of the new meet & select "Clone Meet". You will be directed to the new meet. It is recommended to change the Registration Open/Close Date as well as any other meet information that has changed. 

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