Meet Manager Overview

You have to be logged in with your coach-approved username for the host team, or your timer username with timing company attached to meet to see the gray meet manager button on your meet page under the green register online button in the meet header.

These are the tab options within the meet manager and you are on the setup page when you first click in -
Setup - Teams - Athletes - Divisions - Events - Entries - Import -  Meet Results

In the header are two buttons, Download Entries and Send Mass Email. They allow you to link quickly to those two features.

Download Entries takes you directly to the Entries Tab.

Send Mass Email
Login, click meet manager button. In the header, under the meet title is - Send mass email button, select everyone. Do not change anything within the percent signs - that code selects the names, email addresses and individual links to their entries. Add the info you need to tell them, i.e. "We have changed the schedule slightly due to weather concerns, please look at the revised scheule on the meet page." - Then send. This will only go to Entered Teams, not teams scheduled.

Setup Page 

On the setup page you can edit meet info, such as the meet name, timer, host school, meet manager contact info, open and close registration dates and times, meet info that shows on the meet page, and more.

Open Registration -
Login and go to meet page, click on meet manager, you will be in set-up tab. Scroll down to Registration - Open date fields & time,
Close date & fields. The defaults are open 3 months before and close 3 days before meet date. Make sure to hit the save button at the bottom of the page.

Change meet host and/or timer -
Login, go to meet page and click on meet manager button - on setup page under basic properties, you will see host team field and timer field. You may change/ add there and save changes at the bottom of the page.
NOTE: if you change the host to a different school, you will lose access to the meet unless you are an approved coach of that school as well.

To Restrict Team Entries - Add Password to meet -
Login, go to meet page and click on meet manager button - on setup page under the registration properties is where the password field resides. Put the password in and scroll to bottom of the page to hit the save changes button. Recommended - put note in both additional info field and registration field to email you for the password. MileSplit does not give out passwords. Currently entered teams will not need the password to edit their entries.

Add File to Meet -
Login, Go to meet page, click meet manager, Setup tab
Last field is Meet information.
Click paper clip icon above the field to attach a file.
Browse your computer to find and select the file
Hit Save changes button at bottom of page.

Custom Entry Questions -
(Note that these do NOT copy year-to-year in a cloned meet.)
A for instance on a PA meet that uses it. The District no longer allowed Jv entries, - a timing cost thing, I think. So they asked coaches 3 questions 1) if they were bringing a jv team, 2) how many girls, 3) how many boys. Set as a Yes, no for first question, then txt box for #s.
Note these do not download in Hy-tek, but they are in the csv download.
They also are one thing that doesn’t copy if you copy your meet next year, you would have to add the questions again.
You will find the Custom Question link on the setup page under advanced options in right column

Clone meet -
Go to last year’s or any meet you have set for registration.
Login to the meet manager.
In the right column under advanced options is Clone meet - put the new dates in - both start and end -  it will allow a multi-day meet, but you need end date to be the same if it is a one day meet - and clone meet. It will copy over all the events that were in the meet. Then you can edit the  title if needed - and make any additional edits you want (meet info, fees, events etc.). 

Teams Page 

The teams pages lists the teams attending your meet. If they are linkable, they have entered the meet. It shows the number of entries per team and how much they owe if you have meet fees set in your divisions.
Note that scheduled teams have not entered the meet - only put it on their team calendar and those contacts will not show, or be included in a mass email.

Remove team from meet -
You may click on a team name to see contact info or add or see a payment if you have fees and want to log check payments into the meet, and/or accept PayPal payments for your meet.
If you need to remove a team from the meet, you may do this by clicking on the team name and under advanced options to the right, you will see Remove team from meet.

Printable reports include a team check in sheet.
You can sort in different ways by using the filters at the top of the page.

All Team Contacts -
Login to meet manager, Teams tab.
On right, Download Teams - Contacts to csv -
You can open that in excel and get all of the email contacts.

Athletes Page  

This lists all of the athletes alphabetically in the meet.
You can see the same payment and contact info for any unattached athletes here.
Printable reports include an unattached check in sheet.
You can sort in different ways by using the filters at the top of the page.

Divisions Page 

Houses the divisions of your meet.
The new meet manager enables meet directors to add/edit divisions and events to their meets.

Create New Division -
Go to your meet page, click meet manager button, go to divisions tab.
You will see - either a division you created in the meet reg wizard that you need to add events to, or
On the right -
- Create New Division - once you have either selected the current or created your new division, the easiest way to add events is to go to the division, click on it, then under Advanced Options, click on
- Create event wizard.
Then click uncheck all - as almost every event is checked. Then select the events for your meet and submit - you will have those events created all at once. Please do not select events that have lbs or hurdle heights attached. That is causing some problems in   entries and Hy-tek downloads.

Please, when using Create Event Wizard on a division with events, be careful not to select events already listed in the division, as it will duplicate the events.

Entry limits -
You are able to do this yourself in the meet manager.
Go to meet page, click meet manager button.
Click on divisions tab, then on the specific division.
On the right under advanced options is Bulk Edit events
Click on that and then change the # in the max entries per team - 0 is unlimited. You can change all individual entries at once and all relay entries at once, or cherry pick your event limits.
Hit save at bottom.
Is this a XC meet?
If so you cannot do that. You have to do it by event.
Go to event tab. click each event you are limiting.
Make sure you use
Maximum Entries per Team  and not the second which limits the number for the meet.
Entry Limits
Maximum Entries per Team
Maximum any single team can enter; 0 = Unlimited
Total Maximum Entries
Maximum overall number of entries; 0 = Unlimited

Seeding Options -
Seeding options are in the division tab in the meet manager. Click on the division (HS, MS, etc.) and then about halfway down the page you will see the seeding options -
Seed Behavior
Hidden  - Optional -  Required, Coach Can Override  - Verified Only

Then from what meets - current season is the one you want.
Accept Seeds from Record Season
PRs (Individuals), Season best (Relays)  - Current Season Only   - Last Season Only
It is not retroactive, if you already have entries, but it may work to update seeds when you download your entries.

It is something you can select on setup - but it also copies over from copied meets.
- Hidden - you will not see a seed field
- Optional - if we have  seed in the database it will fill in, if not one does not need to be added.
- Coach Override - if we have  seed in the database it will fill in, other wise you will HAVE to add a seed.
- Verified Only - the mark has to come from the database.

For Coach Over-ride Times -
In the new entry management system, there is no handheld check box. Please inform all of your coaches that they cannot put a hundredths time down for a handheld. Our system assumes FAT at hundredths and handheld at tenths and converts or not accordingly.
So if they are claiming a 12.61 as hand, they should not be.
If the marks are designated hand in results parsed into our database, we have already done the conversion and they are verified as a FAT mark.

Events Page -

Create Event -
Our new meet manager enables meet directors to add events to their meets.
Go to your meet page, click meet manager button, go to events tab.
On the right you will see -
Create New Event
Create Event
Make sure to make it open to boys, girls or mixed to match the title of the event. The event name HAS to match the event code.

Edit Event -
Login to meet manager, click events tab on gray bar, then the event.
You will see the event field name, division and event code and then beside it gender. Save changes at the bottom.

Please note, if you go into a single event under the event tab, the entry limit for the team is called Maximum Entry Per Team. It is on the left. The Total Maximum Entries is to the right - the default is 0 for unlimited and this is used almost exclusively in the Indoor Season where facilities need to limit the total number of people in their building, so they have Max Entries per event. You will not see this field in the Bulk Edit Events - only in the individual event.

Delete Event -
Go to your meet page, click meet manager button, go to events tab.
Click on the event you want to delete.
On the right you will see -
Event actions
delete Event
delete all event entries.
You may have to do the entries before you can delete the event.

Minimum Standards -
Within each event is an option for a minimum standard. If a minimum standard is set within the meet, no one who has not met the standard can enter the meet.

Merge Events -
This should only be done with great care as once it is done, it cannot be undone. It should be done only if you have duplicate events in a division. It can only be done in an event with entries. if there are no entries, you may delete the event. You will see the following to the right of the event.

Merge To Event

Move this event's entries to
with a drop down field list of events. It will list all of the events in the meet, so you have to select the correct division and event to merge.
Use extreme caution if you use this feature.

Entries Page 

Download Meet file upon registration close -
Go to meet while logged in, click on meet manager button in the black header, which will be there if you are listed as the timer or approved Coach of the host team.
I recommend to all meet directors/timers using our system for the first time to download the file a few days or so before the event and test import so you can see how it works and ask any questions or work out any kinks well ahead of crunch time. 
In the meet manager - under entries tab in gray bar under black header box, the first download to Hytek is what you would need if you are using Hytek, NOT full rosters option. There will be a page of instructions in between link and the download that you should follow.  You have to set your Hytek database the way our system is set to have the meet import correctly. You have to download the Athletes and Entries. The file is a .txt download. If you are not using Hytek, there is a csv download option which imports into excel and is useable in many other formats. We also have downloads for Raceberry Jam, LynxPad and RunnerCalc as well as our own RaceTab.

Import Page

This is for Qualifying meets and auto-advancement, currently being programed.

Results Page 

Add Results to your meet -
Login and go to your meet page. click meet manager button, look for results tab on far right. Click Add Results under options. We prefer them in flat html Hy-tek or RaceTab output, as those are easiest to get into our rankings. Open your results in a text editor. From that you can just select all and copy/paste into the results field. Make sure you name them - that will be the link - usually Complete Results works and hit the save button. From inside the meet manager, they post directly to the meet page, you do not have to wait for approval. If you use the drop down menu under add content, the state webmaster must approve them before they will show.

We do have an excel template you can use if you do not have a meet management system for results.

Live Results -
This page has a place to set your password and instructions for using our Live Results.
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