Meet Manager: Divisions

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The divisions tab lists all the divisions that you have designated for your meet. Do not differentiate divisions based on gender, that is done within event creation.

Create New Division -
Go to your meet page, click meet manager button, go to divisions tab.
You will see - either a division you created in the meet reg wizard that you need to add events to, or
On the right -
- Create New Division - once you have either selected the current or created your new division, the easiest way to add events is to go to the division, click on it, then under Advanced Options, click on
- Create event wizard.
Then click uncheck all - as almost every event is checked. Then select the events for your meet and submit - you will have those events created all at once. Please do not select events that have lbs or hurdle heights attached. That is causing some problems in   entries and Hy-tek downloads.

Please, when using Create Event Wizard on a division with events, be careful not to select events already listed in the division, as it will duplicate the events.

Entry limits -
You are able to do this yourself in the meet manager.
Go to meet page, click meet manager button.
Click on divisions tab, then on the specific division.
On the right under advanced options is Bulk Edit events
Click on that and then change the # in the max entries per team - 0 is unlimited. You can change all individual entries at once and all relay entries at once, or cherry pick your event limits.
Hit save at bottom.
Is this a XC meet?
If so you cannot do that. You have to do it by event.
Go to event tab. click each event you are limiting.
Make sure you use
Maximum Entries per Team  and not the second which limits the number for the meet.
Entry Limits
Maximum Entries per Team
Maximum any single team can enter; 0 = Unlimited
Total Maximum Entries
Maximum overall number of entries; 0 = Unlimited

Who Can Enter
-In addition to the restriction settings you implemented in the setup tab, you can restrict entry per division. If this meet is only open to athletes from a certain league, you can designate the league. Unless the meet is a boys or girls only meet, both genders should be allowed to participate. Divisions should be set up to represent all genders allowed at the meet. Similar to the settings for the overall meet on the Setup page, you can further limit the permission of Schools/Clubs/Unattached athletes per division here.
-Under "Which Ages/Classes Allowed" select the ages or grades desired
Impact on Coaches:
If an age or grade restriction is turned on when a coach goes to register there will be a message that explains the restriction. Additionally, only athletes that meet the criteria will appear in the athlete pool. Even if the coaches don't know the grades of their athletes, this makes it easy for them to adhere to the set criteria for the division.

Seeding Options
MileSplit offers a robust option when it comes to how your meet is seeded. To set how you would like your meet seeded, navigate to your meet -> meet manager ->, divisions

Seed Behavior:
  • Hidden: No seeds will be collected for your meet.
  • Optional: Coaches have an option to enter a seed or not. If a performance for the athlete meets the criteria set for the meet, a seed will automatically appear. The coach has an option to override that seed or enter a seed for an athlete that does not have one.
  • Coach Can Override: Seeds are required for each athlete entered. Coaches can manually enter seeds, but there must be a seed for each entry.
  • Verified Only: While seeds are not required, coaches are not able to edit the seed for their entry. Only verified performances meeting the set criteria are allowed.

Options for Filtering Seeds:
MileSplit's system can limit where seeds are automatically pulled from
  • All Meets or Exclude Dual/Tri/Quad Meets
  • PRs, Current Season Times, or Last Season Times
  • Indoor Times, Or Indoor & Outdoor 
    • If you host an early outdoor meet, selecting "indoor & outdoor" will allow athletes to use their performances from the indoor season. This is especially helpful for distance and field events. 
  • Option to exclude performances based on wind reading
  • Option to exclude hand timed performances

Base Entry Fees
MileSplit will calculate fees due for teams and individuals. 
As a meet manager, fees can be calculated by team, entry, or athlete. The "Max Entry Fees" section on the division's tab is specifically for the division.  Max amounts per school/level (HS, MS)/athlete across the entire meet are set up on the Setup tab ONLY if there are multiple divisions.

Step 2 (Optional):
If you have More than one division, and want to set a max per school, level or athlete, go to the Setup tab to set a max amount for teams, level or individuals - you cannot set a max per gender except within each division.
Example: If you want to charge a school for $10 for each entry but a max per team of $500, you would go to Divisions -> Scroll to "Base Entry Fees" -> Select "By Entry" & enter $10 in the "Per Entry" field. Set max per gender and school in the per gender maximum  ($250) and per school maximum ($500).

For Coach Over-ride Times -
In the new entry management system, there is no handheld check box. Please inform all of your coaches that they cannot put a hundredths time down for a handheld. Our system assumes FAT at hundredths and handheld at tenths and converts or not accordingly.
So if they are claiming a 12.61 as hand, they should not be.
If the marks are designated hand in results parsed into our database, we have already done the conversion and they are verified as a FAT mark.

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