Instructions for Connecting to Meet Pro (Beta)

Step 1: Create an empty folder on your desktop for your MeetPro files. You will need to clear all of the contents in this folder before every meet.

Step 2: In MeetPro, click on Interfaces -> Publish To Disk -> Setup

Step 3: On the screen that pops up make sure that the directory is set to the same folder that you created in step 1

Step 4: Make sure all of the settings match the screenshot below (these settings will persist, so they won't need to be reset from one meet to the next:
image.png 313.69 KB

Step 5: Click on "Interfaces" -> "Live update Setup"

Step 6: On the screen that pops up check "Publish to Disk" and "On Results Update" (shown below):
image.png 160.58 KB

Step 7: Click save

Step 8: Click on "Reports" -> "Report Settings" and make sure "Show Event Numbers" is checked (shown below):

Capture.PNG 43.87 KB

Step 9: Now login to MileSplit live and select the meet you are timing.

Step 10: On the dropdown next to "Database Location for this Meet" select "MeetPro" (shown below):

image.png 36 KB

Step 11: Select the MeetPro folder

Step 12: Select "Start Publishing"
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