How do I edit my team's roster?

Step 1: Make sure you are logged in. Go to your team page by clicking the "Teams" link in the tool bar. (If you have not yet claimed your team, follow these Instructions to do so - Once on your team page, you will see a button directly under the team title and address that says "Edit Team." Click it.
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Step 2: On the tabs, click "Roster."
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Step 3: Now you will see a screen with both boy and girl athletes associated with your team. Look through the list --- you may find many athletes that should only be on the (Indoor/Outdoor) Track Roster or only on the Cross Country Roster. If the athlete has already graduated and there is a graduation year, they will not appear on the live roster or in online registration. If a grad does not have the year (indicated from the -- beside their name), or it is incorrect, click the pencil icon and add the grad year within edit athlete.
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If you see misspellings, click the pencil icon and make the correction.
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If you see duplicate athletes, please copy the names and email to your state webmaster (email at bottom of each page) or We merge them, and by doing this, it ensures that all performances on either profile will not be lost.

The Cross Country and Track designate the rosters that the athlete will appear on during online registration. Please take a few moments to edit those, so that you will have fewer names when doing online registration. If an athlete is on both XC and TF rosters, you don't need to change a thing. You can always add an athlete back on a roster by clicking the pencil icon and making the edit.

And if you need to add new athletes, simply Add Athlete to right of page and fill out as much info as you know, but the first name, last name and HS grad year are most important.
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Step 4: You are now ready to enter a meet using the MileSplit Online Registration system.

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