How do I download my entries?

Entries Page 

Download Meet file upon registration close -
Go to meet while logged in, click on meet manager button in the black header, which will be there if you are listed as the timer or approved Coach of the host team.
I recommend to all meet directors/timers using our system for the first time to download the file a few days or so before the event and test import so you can see how it works and ask any questions or work out any kinks well ahead of crunch time. 
In the meet manager - under entries tab in gray bar under black header box, the first download to Hytek is what you would need if you are using Hytek, NOT full rosters option. There will be a page of instructions in between link and the download that you should follow.  You have to set your Hytek database the way our system is set to have the meet import correctly. You have to download the Athletes and Entries. The file is a .txt download. If you are not using Hytek, there is a csv download option which imports into excel and is useable in many other formats. We also have downloads for Raceberry Jam, LynxPad and RunnerCalc as well as our own RaceTab.

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