How do I copy entries from a previous meet?

Entering 50+ kids in event week after week can be time-consuming. Save time by copying entries over from a meet that you entered previously.

Step 1: If you've already registered for a meet this year, when entering your meet, after the division step, you will be given a choice to copy entries. All meets that your team has registered for this season will appear. Select which meet you want to copy entries from or select "Skip Import" on the bottom.
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Step 2: Once the meet is selected, you will need to map the divisions from the previous meet to current meet. In this example, "High School" is the division for the meet that is being entered. We are copying over entries from the "Varsity" division from a previous meet.
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 5.52.50 PM.png 99.6 KB

Step 3: After divisions are mapped, entries from events that are in both meets will automatically be copied over. If the meet you are entering allows fewer athletes than the previous meet, you will be prompted to select which athletes you want to enter for this week. After all is set, entries will be copied over and you will be taken to the "Enter Athletes" screen.

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