Instructions for Using MileSplit Live w/Hytek

Getting started using MileSplit Live is incredibly easy. Follow the steps below.

NOTE: Hytek Meet Manager will have to be opened in multi user mode and installation requires PC running Windows 10 or later.  Also, your account must be associated with a timing company.  
  1. Install MileSplit Live on the computer in which you run Hy-Tek Meet Manager by copying and pasting the following link in your URL address bar.   
Note - clicking will prompt an automatic download.

2. Once installed, login using your MileSplit login.

3. Select the meet you want to set up.
pick a meet.png 41.6 KB

4. Click on ‘browse’ to find and select the Hy-Tek database for your meet
5. Hit 'Start Publishing' at the bottom of the screen!
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