FinishLynx Split Grid

Setup complete split view by including the FinishLynx LIF folder in your live results. Get started by following these initial steps: 

  1. Open FinishLynx
  2. Click File and open hidden settings (Ctrl + shift + click on options).
  3. Click the "+" icon next to "Database", then click the "+" next to "LIF" 
  4. Click autosave and enter a value for the time interval in seconds that the LIF will be updated
  5. The minimum value is 1s, but it is best to save the LIF files locally if you use a very short interval.
  6. Click OK

Next, follow these steps in MS Live to configure the scoreboard: 

  1. Start Live Results and select your meet
  2. After adding your database source (HyTek or MeetPro in track), change the "Show splits from FinishLynx LIF?" option to yes
  3. Click Browse next to the FinishLynx LIF input field and navigate to the folder that you use to store your LIF files
  4. Click "Start Publishing"
  5. After the events load, you can configure the splits from the list of events
    • A drop down box with a "How many?" label will appear for any track event longer than 200m
  6. Change the dropdown to select the appropriate number of laps
  7. In the configure modal, you can enter the length of a complete lap, followed by the length of the first lap to automatically name all of the splits
  8. Hit "Close" and you're done!  When the event is loaded on the scoreboard, you will see the grid for each split.  The cells will be populated as the LIF is saved.

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