Instructions for Using MileSplit Live w/FinishLynx (v1.0.81 and later)

IMPORTANT: FinishLynx integration is significantly different in v1.0.81.  If you have previously created FinishLynx scoreboards, go through the first part of this document to update your settings.  You no longer need to make changes to your hidden settings. If this is your first time creating scoreboards, skip to the new installation setup.

* Must have Network Com Port plugin from FinishLynx to use any networked scoreboards

UPDATE SETUP FROM v1.0.80 to v1.0.81 

  1. Download these .lss files and copy to Lynx folder.
  2. Open FinishLynx.  Update your clock scoreboard to match below:
  3. Update your results scoreboard:
    Screenshot 2022-03-22 095822.jpg 58.08 KB


One-time steps: 

  1. Close FinishLynx software.
    • If you have configured FinishLynx scoreboards previously, delete any MileSplitLive scoreboards before closing.
  2. Open MileSplitLive.exe
  3. Login with your credentials
  4. In the "Quick Links" section, click "Create FinishLynx Scoreboard"
  5. In the pop-up modal, click browse and navigate to the lynx.cfg file on your FinishLynx computer.  Select the lynx.cfg file and click OK
  6. From the dropdown list, select the local ethernet IP address that you use for your timing network
  7. Enter the ports you wish to use 
    • 43550 is the default Results port
    •  43551 is the default Clock port
  8. Click "Create
  9. Restart FinishLynx

The following settings will need to be updated prior to each meet

  1. Run Live Results program on Hytek computer
    • Open MileSplit Live and login
    • Select your meet 
    • Click "Begin Publishing"
  2. Make sure Scoreboard is turned on 
    • Once events have loaded in MS Live, click on "Settings" tab
    • If green check mark is showing next to the "Scoreboard On/Off" button, your scoreboard is now live!! 
    • When you start FinishLynx, you should see the connection status for the results and the clock

Other helpful tips: 

  1. Turn off any firewall settings that might block ports on your timing computer.
  2. Be sure to use your IPv4 address for the ethernet adapter used to connect to your FinishLynx computer in step 6. None of the other ip addresses will work.
  3. If you want to show more than 300 rows, check "Paging" in step 5 and set "Size" to 300

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