FinishLynx Configuration For Live Results

Want to have up to the second live results by taking advantage of our Live Scoreboard? Get started with our FinishLynx integration by following these steps: 

  1. Download this file
    msLive.lss 9.87 KB
    • Move the msLive.lss to your FinishLynx directory (c:/lynx)
  2. Open secret menu: File -> Ctrl+Shift -> Options
  3. Select Scoreboards
    • PortBuffer: set to 32768
    • UDPSize: set to 32768
    • Click OK
  4. Select File -> Options
    • Make sure "Write LIF File" is turned on
  5. Go to the scoreboard tab
    • Create new scoreboard
    • Select msLive.lss as the script
    • Assign a name (optional)
    • Set "Serial Port" to Network (UDP)
    • Port: 6778
    • IP Address:
  6. Update Results Settings 
    • Uncheck "Paging"
    • Running Time: Off
    • Results: Auto
    • Turn on "Always Send Place" 
    • Turn on "Include First Name"
    • Turn off "Affiliation Abbreviation"
  7. Restart FinishLynx
    • Open MileSplit Live and login
    • Select your meet 
    • Point the FinishLynx directory to the same folder where you put your .EVT file
    • Port: 6778
    • IP Address:
    • Click "Begin Publishing"
Your scoreboard is now live!! 

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