What do I do if I cannot find my team?

First, make sure you are on your state site page. Teams are not found on the National - www.milesplit.com - portal.
If for instance, Texas - http://tx.milesplit.com/teams
Substitute your state abbreviation for TX
( this is the list for Texas team pages).
You can also find the teams list by clicking on the "teams" tab on your states home page.
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For School Teams

If the school team is not listed here - http://tx.milesplit.com/teams
then please send the following info to registration@milesplit.com and we will get you all set -

To add a new school, we need the following info:
Category: HS, MS, College
Name of School:
 street - required
 city - required
 state - required 
 zip - required
County - required
Website (if applicable)
Coach MileSplit user email


Schools and Clubs are considered different and have different permissions for entering meets. If you are a club team, you may enter your own club and you will be listed as admin of the club without applying for approval. If you are a school team and add your team as a club, you will NOT be able to enter meets set for school teams. Middle Schools that are considered as "club" teams within their school should also be set as school teams. Send info above.

For Club Teams

We allow club coaches to enter their team and proceed without input from us. You are automatically the team coach once you add it and do not have to claim your team.

If you do not have a Milesplit username,  register for one here - http://tx.milesplit.com/register

Add Club is on the right side of the teams pages on your state site.

Note that HS grad year is a required field in every meet registration, so add that to your athlete profiles.

If you are a specific HS only team (all athletes from same HS, with HS coaching staff) which just doesn’t have an official program or doesn’t allow post season races, you should use your HS team instead. There is a team alias field on meet entry which you may use to compete as an alternate team.

Here are step-by-step instructions to obtain a username and enter a meet using MileSplit - https://support.milesplit.com/en/t/registration

Please contact registration@milesplit.com if you need additional help.

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