What do I do if I cannot find my team?

First, make sure you are on your state site page. Teams are not found on the National - www.milesplit.com - portal.
If for instance, Texas - http://tx.milesplit.com/teams
Substitute your state abbreviation for TX
( this is the list for Texas team pages).
You can also find the teams list by clicking on the "teams" tab on your states home page.
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For School Teams

If the school team is not listed here - http://tx.milesplit.com/teams
then please send the following info to registration@milesplit.com and we will get you all set -

To add a new school, we need the following info:
Category: HS, MS, College
Name of School:
 street - required
 city - required
 state - required 
 zip - required
County - required
Website (if applicable)
Coach MileSplit user email

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