How do I add a meet to the calendar without registration?

You can claim your team and add meets to your team's schedule.
You have to be an approved coach to be able to access and edit your team page. If you have not already claimed your team, follow the first steps of the  online registration instructions to claim your team - You have to wait for MileSplit approval. 
Then, login and go to your team page. On your team page, click on the edit team button under the team title, which will appear after you've been approved. 
Click on Schedule.
Add meet button is to the right at top of calendar once you select a season. Put the date of your meet and click find meet - it will search for and list meets on that day. It will then also allow you to Create a new meet if it doesn't find yours - you HAVE to search first. 
Please do not add a meet you are not hosting. Once the meet is created, it goes to the state editor's admin page where it will await his approval. Most states approve the meets within 24 hrs or so. If yours does not appear on the calendar within 48 hrs, please email

If you are the meet director and plan to use MileSplit's Online Meet Registration for a new or repeat meet, it is best not to add it to the site in this way, but to use our Registration Wizard. 

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