Tie-breaking and Split configuration (XC)

Use timer settings to change tie-breaking method and create custom names for split points.

Tie Breaking: To change tie-breaking method, click on the settings tab and select the appropriate tie breaking procedure from the dropdown
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Procedures are as follows:
  • Traditional: 6th runner from each team is used to break the tie.  The athlete with the lowest score between the two teams wins the tie breaker
  • Head to head: The first 5 runners are compared between the tied teams.  The team who wins the most head to head matchups (at least 3 out of 5) wins the tie breaker.
  • Average of Top 3: The scores for the top 3 are compared.  The team with the lowest score wins the tie breaker
  • None: ties are left unchanged.

Splits Configuration: To add a custom name to a split point, click on the events tab in MS Live after the events have been loaded. For each event, you can click the number of split points to configure from the dropdown:
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Enter the name of each split point in the text box and hit close:
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You're all set!  The split names will persist for this meet unless you overwrite them with a different name.
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