Seeding Options

MileSplit offers a robust option when it comes to how your meet is seeded. To set how you would like your meet seeded, navigate to your meet -> meet manager ->, divisions

Seed Behavior
  • Hidden: No seeds will be collected for your meet.
  • Optional: Coaches have an option to enter a seed or not. If a performance for the athlete meets the criteria set for the meet, a seed will automatically appear. The coach has an option to override that seed or enter a seed for an athlete that does not have one.
  • Coach Can Override: Seeds are required for each athlete entered. Coaches can manually enter seeds, but there must be a seed for each entry.
  • Verified Only: While seeds are not required, coaches are not able to edit the seed for their entry. Only verified performances meeting the set criteria are allowed.

Options for Filtering Seeds
MileSplit's system can limit where seeds are automatically pulled from
  • All Meets or Exclude Dual/Tri/Quad Meets
  • PRs, Current Season Times, or Last Season Times
  • Indoor Times, Or Indoor & Outdoor 
    • If you host an early outdoor meet, selecting "indoor & outdoor" will allow athletes to use their performances from the indoor season. This is especially helpful for distance and field events. 
  • Option to exclude performances based on wind reading
  • Option to exclude hand timed performances
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