Removing your Athlete Profile

The site is designed to be a historical record of all athletes who have participated in track and field and cross country. We maintain that info so the data and rankings are as accurate as we can make them for past and future teams and athletes. We do not delete athletes from the system.

The information that we have is gathered from official meet results, which are public information from sporting events. We do not have any private information. With that said, we have created a feature for people who would like to take an extra step. Users can claim their athlete profile and then edit their profile settings to to prohibit your profile from appearing in any search engine inquiries.

To do this, you must claim the athlete profile. Instructions to do so can be found here: Once the profile has been claimed, you have the ability to edit the profile. Click on "Edit Athlete" and scroll to the bottom and check the box pointed to in the image below and click "save changes".
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 5.41.56 PM.png 52.42 KB

The next time Google or any other search engine indexes our site, it will see this setting and remove your profile from appearing in their searches.
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