How Do I Add a Meet Using MileSplit Online Registration?

The Registration Wizard is found on your state site on navigation bar - Registration/Setup Meet and it is FREE of charge to you for registration.

You have to be logged in with your coach-approved username for the host team, or your timer username with timing company attached to meet. 

Login and go to the wizard page. It will show you upcoming meets you host that are already on the calendar, with and without registration, and in the second step, all meets on the same date as yours, to try to avoid duplicate meets. Fill out the info about the upcoming meet and continue to hit next. (It will then show you past meets that you may copy a template, so it makes it easier to set a repeat meet (clone the meet). To copy a previous meet, you have to select the meet twice - once in the meet history and then again when it offers a template.)
If meet is not listed in meets with or without registration, click not listed.

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Fill out meet info for the new meet. Note that there are fields for start and end date to accommodate multiple day meets. Please use the same date if it is a one day meet. Click next.

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It will give you a list of meets in your state on same date, so you do not duplicate. Click Meet not listed if it is not there.

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This page now has last year's meet listed. This box has other meets in a dropdown if you click on it, if it is not the right meet. If it is a new meet, you may not have a Meet History.

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Now you add your meet information.

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This is where you may select a template for your meet. The template checked is for last year's meet. this example does a lot of meets, so there are many other templates to choose from. Then click next.

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This screen shows you the divisions you had for your meet last year, or allows you to set a new division. When adding a New Division, you should name it HS, MS, Youth, etc. so coaches can clearly see what division they are entering. New Division 1 tells them nothing.
NOTE:  The division should be set as a level (HS, MS) with boys and girls events within that level. It may not accept entries or download correctly if you set separate Boys and Girls divisions.

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This shows the events in the divisions. If it is not correct, do not hit finish. Edit the events and name them correctly first.

wizard11.png 207.35 KB

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This shows you the information about your meet and you can click on to the meet manager, which is recommended to make sure that you see that the meet is set as you had intended.  You should also take note of the URL as it will take about 2 hours after you save it for the meet to show on the calendar.

If you have any problems or questions about this process, please email

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