MileSplit Online Registration Setup

The Registration Wizard is found on your state site on the navigation bar. Scroll over the tab titled "Registration" and then click the link titled "Setup Meet" and it is FREE of charge to you for registration.
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You have to be logged in with your coach-approved username for the host team, or your timer username with timing company attached to meet. 

  • Once you have logged in and followed the "meet setup" link, you will be on the first step of Meet Setup Wizard. It will show you upcoming meets, with and without registration, that you are hosting if they are already on the calendar. If one of the meets listed is the meet you wish to set up, click the meet and press the "Choose Selected Meet" button. 
  • If the meet does not appear in the Meets with Registration or Meets Without Registration lists, click the "Not Listed, Start New Meet" button to create a new meet. Fill out meet info for the new meet. Note that there are fields for start and end date to accommodate multiple day meets. Please use the same date if it is a one day meet. Click next.
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  • In the next step, all meets in your state and on the same date as yours will appear. This is to ensure that duplicate meets aren't created. If your meet is not one of the meets listed, click the "Meet not Listed" button.
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  • Fill out the additional info about the upcoming meet and hit next. If this is an annual meet, you can select the previous year's meet in the "Meet History" drop down. If this is a new meet, you won't have anything in "Meet History".
  • In the next step, you will fill out the basic registration settings for the meet. You can choose when registration opens and closes, and at what time those occur. If you only want specific teams to register for your meet (i.e. Invite Only) you can create a password for registration and then send that password to the teams you wish to join. Next, select who is eligible to enter the meet. You can allow any combination of Schools, Clubs, and Unattached Athletes to enter your meet, as long as at least one option is checked. Lastly, add any meet information you would like displayed on the meet page (this can also be done retroactively) and click next.
  • On this step you may select a template for your meet. If this meet has been set up with registration before, you can select last year's meet under "meet history" and it will copy It exactly. You also have the option to copy the settings from an unrelated meet you have set up, if the settings will be the same or similar (Note - In the example below, there are many meets in "my past meets", if you are new to registration, you may not see any). Lastly, you gave the option to use a generic template that we've tailored to represent most common meet setups.
  • The next step shows you the divisions you had for your meet last year, or allows you to set new divisions. When adding a New Division, you should name it HS, MS, Youth, etc. so coaches can clearly see what division they are entering. In the example below "New Division 1" tells them nothing and will lead to confusion for coaches registering their team. NOTE:  The division should be set as a level (HS, MS, HS Varsity, HS JV, etc.) with boys and girls events within that level. It may not accept entries or download correctly if you set separate Boys and Girls divisions.
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  • Next, you will set the events within the divisions. If it is not correct, do not hit finish. Edit the events and name them correctly first. Note - Certain events in the list you can choose from, such as Shot Put and Hurdles, will have heights/weight included. DO NOT select these, even if you know the height/weight, and simply select the generic Shot Put, 300 Meter Hurdles, Hammer Throw, etc. Heights and weights can be added when our Stats team processes the results..
  • Once you click "Finish" you will be taken to a page that shows you the information about your meet. It is recommended that you click on to the "meet manager" button to make sure that you see that the meet is set as you intended.  Note - It can often take up to two hours for a newly setup meet to appear on the calendar. If you want to send the meet to coaches for registration immediately, we recommend copying the url and sending it to them directly.
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As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our registration expert directly by emailing 

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