How do I use MileSplit to calculate how much each team owes?

MileSplit will calculate fees due for teams and individuals. 

Meet fees are calculated based on information set on the Divisions tab. 
Maximum for  schools/athletes with multiple divisions are driven off of information set on the Setup tab.

Step 1: Meet Manager -> Divisions and click into the division desired.

On the very bottom, there are two sections that drive meet fee calculations
As a meet manager, fees can be calculated by team, entry, or athlete. The "Max Entry Fees" section on the division's tab is specifically for the division.  Max amounts per school/level (HS, MS)/athlete across the entire meet are set up on the Setup tab ONLY if there are multiple divisions.

Step 2 (Optional):
If you have More than one division, and want to set a max per school, level or athlete, go to the Setup tab to set a max amount for teams, level or individuals - you cannot set a max per gender except within each division.
Example: If you want to charge a school for $10 for each entry but a max per team of $500, you would go to Divisions -> Scroll to "Base Entry Fees" -> Select "By Entry" & enter $10 in the "Per Entry" field. Set max per gender and school in the per gender maximum  ($250) and per school maximum ($500).

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