FinishLynx files as a data source (XC)

For XC meets, FinishLynx can serve as the database for results.  Scoring and tie-breaking can be all be done from within MS Live. 

1. Open FinishLynx hidden settings (File -> Hold CTRL + Shift and click Options), click to expand "Database", then click to expand "LIF".  Click AutoSave and input a time interval (in seconds) for the LIF to automatically be updated.  The minimum value is 1.

2. In FinishLynx, locate the source of your database files (.lif and .evt).  The Input and Output Directory should be the same.  Be sure "Write LIF File" is set to "On". 
3. Open MS Live and select the meet you are using.  From the dropdown for Database Location" select "FinishLynx"
Capture (3).PNG 13.1 KB

4.  Browse to the Input/Output directory location from FinishLynx and hit start publishing.  MS Live will now read updates from the LIF files as they happen!

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