How do I set event limits per team?

Entry limits -
You are able to do this yourself in the meet manager.
Go to meet page, click meet manager button.
Click on divisions tab, then on the specific division.
On the right under advanced options is Bulk Edit events
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Click on that and then change the # in the max entries per team - 0 is unlimited. You can change all individual entries at once and all relay entries at once, or cherry pick your event limits.
Hit save at bottom.

Is this a XC meet? If so you cannot do that. You have to do it by event.
Go to event tab. click each event you are limiting.
Make sure you use "Maximum Entries per Team" and not the second which limits the number for the meet.
Entry Limits
Maximum Entries per Team 
Maximum any single team can enter; 0 = Unlimited
Total Maximum Entries
Maximum overall number of entries; 0 = Unlimited
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