Create event wizard

The new meet manager enables meet directors to add/edit events to their meets.
Go to your meet page, click meet manager button, go to divisions tab.
You will see - either a division you created in the meet reg wizard that you need to add events to, or
On the right -
Create New Division - once you have either selected the current or created your new division, the easiest way to add events is to go to the division, click on it, then under Advanced Options, click on Create event wizard.
Then click uncheck all - as almost every event is checked. Then select the events for your meet and submit - you will have those events created all at once. Please do not select events that have lbs or hurdle heights attached. That is causing some problems in   entries and Hy-tek downloads.

Please, when using Create Event Wizard on a division with events, be careful not to select events already listed in the division, as it will duplicate the events.

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