Adding Handtimed/Non Electronic Results to MileSplit

Please download the file below to submit results for meets that are hand timed. Once all events, athletes, and marks are added, you'll need to paste it into the MileSplit meet page so that it can be formatted (instructions below the screenshot). If you are not the meet host, you'll need to send this file to the meet host so that they can add it. If there is any deviation from the format of the attached file, then it will not go into rankings/athlete profiles.

Handtimed_Non Electronic Results (1).xlsx 34.35 KB

Once you have hand entered all the times for the meet, open the meet page of your meet and hover over the "Add Content" button. This will show you a select that says "Results".

This will open up a text box.

Paste the results into the text box and label the results "Complete Results". Hit the blue submit button.


Once they are pasted here, they will be processed shortly.

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