How do I add/edit an event?

Login to the meet manager.
Click Event tab. If you need one or two events that were missed, otherwise if you need to add all events use the instructions for the Event Wizard.
On the right side of the page you will see:

Create New Event

Make sure to make it open to boys, girls or mixed to match the title of the event. The event name HAS to match the event code. Make sure you select the correct division and save.

Edit Event -
Login to meet manager, click events tab on gray bar, then the event.
You will see the event field name, division and event code and then beside it gender. Save changes at the bottom.

Please note, if you go into a single event under the event tab, the entry limit for the team is called Maximum Entry Per Team. It is on the left. The Total Maximum Entries is to the right - the default is 0 for unlimited and this is used almost exclusively in the Indoor Season where facilities need to limit the total number of people in their building, so they have Max Entries per event. You will not see this field in the Bulk Edit Events - only in the individual event.

Delete Event -
Go to your meet page, click meet manager button, go to events tab.
Click on the event you want to delete.
On the right you will see - 
Event actions
delete Event
delete all event entries.
You may have to do the entries before you can delete the event.
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